Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mobile Alliances - T-Mobile USA is joining FreeMove

[cellular news] FreeMove, the mobile telecommunications alliance between Deutsche Telekom, Orange, TeliaSonera, and TIM (Telecom Italia Group), today announced that T-Mobile USA will participate in the FreeMove Alliance.

As part of this move, T-Mobile USA plans to offer the FreeMove Alliance's advanced solutions to multinational clients, especially those requiring communications both in the United States and Europe. Targeted offers, such as the FreeMove International Connect, which offers reduced rates for intra-company calls, and FreeMove Central Report, a web-based solution for managing international phone fleet expenditure, are expected to be amongst the first to be made available.

To better support multinational corporations operating on both sides of the Atlantic, T-Mobile USA will expand its global account management capabilities to help reduce the complexity and management costs of seamless business mobility. With an increased number of global account managers (GAMs), the benefits of centralized global account management will be extended to more companies and drive more efficiency on an international level. Each GAM acts as a trusted advisor and innovation manager with a clear understanding of each individual customer's international requirements, ensuring international strategies are executed effectively and delivery of service happens seamlessly across borders.

Fabien Gustafsson, General Manager of the FreeMove Alliance, stated: "The addition of T-Mobile USA to the FreeMove Alliance footprint will provide real value to businesses operating on both sides of the Atlantic. FreeMove customers will benefit from a dedicated global account management approach that includes European and US sales resources, harmonized products and services beyond European borders, and aligned sales, bid and implementation management."

Michael Wilkens, Supervisory Board member at FreeMove, commented: "We are extremely pleased that the strong cross-border collaboration within Deutsche Telekom Group in Europe and the United States has now also led to T-Mobile USA becoming part of the FreeMove Alliance. This milestone is good news for the Alliance as well as for Deutsche Telekom as it further reinforces the competitive position of Deutsche Telekom as a global provider of communication services to the business and multinational customer segment."

Frank Sickinger, Director, Multinational Corporations at T-Mobile USA, said: "Our FreeMove participation will better enable us to provide the quality of service, cost savings and connectivity that multinational enterprises need and expect."

T-Mobile USA Joins the FreeMove Alliance for International Services

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