Thursday, November 11, 2010

USA - Major networks decline to participate in Google TV service

[bbc] US TV network Fox has joined its rivals in blocking Google TV from airing its programmes to viewers.

Fox held out after CBC, ABC and NBC refused to let full shows air on Google's new platform - where users can view the web and video on home TV's.

The networks are concerned they will suffer because online advertising is less lucrative than TV commercials.

The Fox move will come as a blow to Google, which needs the backing of the major media companies to thrive.

Google TV was launched at the end of October and is available embedded in a Sony TV and also through a set top box made by Logitech.

Speaking at a TV conference in San Francisco, NewTeeVee Live, Google remained upbeat about the future.

"There are many content owners who are not blocking Google TV,'' said Rishi Chandra, product manager for Google TV.

"The web is a new technology and it's not unheard of whenever there is a new technology that a lot of the incumbents in the space are trying to understand what that technology is going to mean for them.

"We have seen it before whether it's VHS, DVD or DVR."

Mr Chandra also tried to downplay fears that Google TV is out to cannibalise the industry or "replace" cable TV in the US.

"We would like to make sure all that content on the web today is accessible through the Chrome browser which is effectively Google TV. It's up to the content owners to decide how they want to distribute their content to their users," he said.

Fox TV joins US networks to block Google TV

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