Monday, November 22, 2010

Wales - Govt calls for broadband in rural communities to support move to knowledge economy

[broadband choice] It is highly important more communities in Wales are given access to broadband services, a leading politician has said.

Deputy first minister Ieuan Wyn Jones said the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) is working hard on the rollout of the service, with 345 approvals for home broadband granted since July and a further 415 in the pipeline, reports the Western Mail.

He said politicians are looking to open up access to broadband for the areas of Wales which can't receive it at the moment.

Under an initiative launched in the summer, houses or businesses which don't get broadband and have average connection speeds of less than 512 Kb/s can qualify for financial assistance of £1,000.

"If Wales is to have a competitive infrastructure then access to broadband is vital," Mr Wyn Jones explained.

"This scheme will allow businesses and individuals to get online and develop our knowledge economy."

An initial £2 million was allocated to the funding support scheme when the WAG announced it earlier in the year.

Broadband rollout 'vital to Wales'

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