Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mobile Marketing - Messaging to Play a Dominant Role in the Future

[cellular news] According to a recent study into the future of mobile communications, 61% of mobile operators surveyed thought that coupons or vouchers would become the dominant form of mobile marketing by 2015.

Furthermore, 58% of those surveyed predicted that SMS and MMS-based messaging would be the second most widely accepted form of mobile advertising in the next five years, followed by search with 45%. Owing to the close link between coupons and vouchers and messaging, with messaging acting as a core distribution channel in the majority of cases, it is understandable why both categories attracted a similarly high response from the operators surveyed.

The study was conducted by analyst house mobileSQUARED on behalf of Airwide Solutions.

The research reveals that users in 2015 are thought to be more likely to utilize mobile marketing or advertising promotions that are sent to them via their mobile phones than those generated through search, display or navigation.

Currently, UK mobile subscribers send more than 11 million SMS messages per hour, totalling an approximate 7.7 billion per month. This shows clear potential for mobile operators to capitalize upon the 15.4 billion engagements between consumers and the SMS medium that are generated each month.

Airwide Solutions Chief Marketing Officer, Jay Seaton, believes that messaging is the ideal platform to unlock the potential of mobile advertising and marketing. He stated, "The widespread use of mobile messaging creates a far-reaching and significant marketing opportunity for brands which in turn, creates a significant revenue opportunity for mobile operators. By putting a reliable infrastructure in place, and a means of controlling and measuring campaigns, mobile operators can deliver some of the most highly effective mobile marketing initiatives through mobile messaging."

Mobile Operators Say Messaging to Play a Dominant Role in the Future of Mobile Marketing

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