Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Europe - Parliament calls for an extension of the Roaming Regulation until 2015

[european parliament] Parliament's recommendations for the proposed EU Single Market Act, a wide-ranging initiative to revivify the market as a prerequisite for achieving the EU 2020 strategy targets, and boosting competitiveness and sustainable growth, are set out in three resolutions passed on Wednesday.

The resolution, which was passed with 600 votes in favour, 48 against and 27 abstentions, calls for better recognition of professional qualifications across borders and the establishment of a European Skills Passport, an extension of the existing "roaming" regulation to cut costs and cap prices for mobile data roaming, improved coordination of national market surveillance and customs checks on imports from non-EU countries, greater transparency and comparability of banking charges, and full portability of pension rights.

Single market: time to act

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