Saturday, April 16, 2011

Iraq - Asiacell has been declared the best mobile network operator

[ame] Asiacell, the largest private Iraqi company and the first and only mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq, took part in the 2nd Telecommunication Conference, organized by Iraq's Ministry of Communication between 14 and 16 March 2011 at Al-Elwiya Club in Baghdad. Representatives of the public and private sectors attended the conference, where Asiacell was recognized as the best GSM operator in Iraq.

Faruq Mustafa Rasul, Asiacell Chairman, voiced the Company's pride in receiving the award for best GDM operator, saying the Ministry of Communication's recognition of the Company's performance would only serve to reassert its commitment to continue presenting high quality, modern services to the Iraqi people. "I thank the Ministry for this good gesture, which embodies Asiacell's keen interest to keep up the hard work in the service of the Iraqi telecommunication sector, while seeking to take it to further heights."

The 2nd Telecommunication Conference is a leading event in Iraq that aims to upgrade telecommunication services presented to the Iraqi market. It convened this year following the big success that the 1st Conference was able to achieve. "Asiacell's participation reflects our belief in the importance of pubic private sector cooperation in the implementation of high level projects that could contribute to economic development in the country," said Faruq Mustafa, voicing hope that the Conference would bring about positive outcome that further benefits Iraq's vital communication sector.

The Conference reviewed a variety of topics through researches and presentations with the participation of the Mosul University, Baghdad University, Babil University, Iraq's CMC and the Ministry of Science of Technology.

Two main researches were presented, one by the CMC on the effect of external interferences on mobile networks, and another by the University of Mosul on the environmental effects of EMF. Other topics included the security of telecommunication data, telecommunication networks and electronic government.

Asiacell named 'Best GSM operator in Iraq' at Ministry of Communication Conference

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