Thursday, July 07, 2011

British Virgin Is - Regulator has found LIME (C&W) to have engaged in ant--competitive behaviour

June - The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (“TRC”) has today sent to LIME its findings in the investigation into LIME’s practices related to the calls within the Caribbean. This investigation concerns the alleged anti-competitive behaviour of LIME1 in pricing calls and termination services2 to other LIME destinations in the Caribbean. This is a confidential document which will also be issued to CCT once LIME has reviewed commercially confidential information contained in the document.

The TRC will not be able to release the document into the public domain as it contains commercially confidential information and sets out the findings of the TRC which are not yet final. The investigation process also allows for LIME to present its case to the TRC Board which is due to issue a final determination on the matter later in August. The TRC are unable to comment on the findings of the investigation at this point until LIME has been given a hearing and a final decision has been made by the TRC Board. Once the final decision is made, the TRC will inform the public accordingly.

This case will continue to be run separately from the case concerning Digicel’s practices.

TRC Presents LIME with the Findings on its Allegedly Anti-Competitive Behaviour

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