Monday, July 04, 2011

#Broadband - Welsh Government’s Broadband Support Scheme (BSS) will support homes and business premises

[] Currently residents, communities, businesses and third sector organisations located in broadband notspots (where connectivity is less than 512Kbps) can apply for a grant of up to £1,000 to give them access to a broadband connection using the most appropriate technology available.

The announcement will extend the scheme to include slowspots (where connectivity is less than 2Mbps).

Announcing the changes Mrs Hart said: “It is vital that everyone across Wales has access to basic broadband. That is why we launched the Broadband Support Scheme - to help households and businesses in Wales get broadband access regardless of where they live.

“Since the Scheme was launched last July over 800 households, businesses and third sector organisations have had applications approved and now have broadband access.

“By extending the criteria for the BSS we can make sure that more people can access broadband and take advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technologies."

Slowspots get connected thanks to Welsh Government

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