Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fiji - Regulator intervened in telco dispute to restore service to the Nadi international airport

[radio fiji] The Commerce Commission today had to intervene in a dispute between FINTEL and Telecom Fiji Limited.

Commission Chair Dr. Mahendra Reddy reveals FINTEL pulled the plug on TFL’s internet cables this morning, cutting off all access for customers.

Dr. Reddy says the dispute was over a payment owed to FINTEL and at about 7am, the telecommunications company took the drastic step, disallowing internet access to TFL.

He says this resulted in a three hour blackout in TFL’s internet services until the Commission stepped in.

“We have made it very clear with Fintel that this is an unacceptable thing – if there is a dispute you don’t just pull off the plug because there is an issue of business, an issue of security and we have made it clear that if there is a dispute you bring it to the commission and we will examine it to see that business is not disrupted”

Dr Reddy says it is unfortunate that reputable companies are resorting to petty behaviour when issues can be dealt with professionally.

Commission resolves telecommunication dispute

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