Thursday, July 07, 2011

#France - Competition authority has opened a sector inquiry into e-commerce in the light of its rapid growth in recent years

[autorite de la concurrence] The online sales sector in France is growing very fast. Its growth, with sales of €31 billion in 2010 (+24% compared to 2009), is faster than our European neighbours' (sales grew by 29.5% between 2008-2010 compared to 19% in all the European countries). 28 million French people purchase over the Internet today.

E-commerce offers consumers numerous benefits, and gives them new prospects: greater diversity of selection, 24-hours access, easy comparison between products and services offered, and consumer assessment services… Cyber-purchasers order products and services in numerous sectors, the most popular being tourism, household electrical goods, clothing household furnishing, cultural products and food.

Faced with the growing weight of Internet in household consumption, the Autorité has decided, through the self-referral procedure, to analyze how the competition works in the sector, detect any malfunctions and make any necessary recommendations to correct them.

Sector inquiry into competition in the e-commerce sector

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