Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Canada - Government may overrule CRTC on Globalive, allowing it to operate

[teleclick] The federal Cabinet could overturn a recent regulatory decision preventing Globalive from offering wireless services in the Canadian market, said Industry Minister Tony Clement in an interview today.

“We do have the power through an order of council in cabinet to amend or vary the decision of the CRTC,” Clement explained after a speech to the Canadian Club of Toronto.

The federal government has already said that it is reviewing the CRTC ruling, which preventing Globalive from operating in Canada, due to Egypt-based Orascom’s high ownership stake in the company.

Clement did not say outright what the result of the review would be, but made it clear that the Conservative government has concerns about the CRTC’s decision.

“The government’s policy is designed to increase competitiveness in the wireless space, and that is important for Canadian consumers because it increases choice, it increases quality and it reduces cost,” Clement explained.

Canadian Government May Overrule CRTC on Globalive

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