Tuesday, June 08, 2010

British Virgin Islands - LIME is raising prices for Internet and roaming by 4 to 8 per cent

[platinum news] LIME will be increasing the rates for some services in the British Virgin Islands and according to Errol Miller, Regional Vice President Corporate Communications, the increases are essential at this stage.

It was explained to BVI Platinum News that the increases which will be affecting Internet Access rates and Outbound Roaming are `modest´.

Miller said that in all the cases, the increases are between five to seven percent.

"There will be modest increases in Internet Access and Outbound Roaming. Outbound Roaming rates will increase by a mere $0.10 per minute. The new Internet Access rates will increase from 4% to just over 8% depending on the service."

Other Caribbean destinations are also facing the increases.

The Regional Vice President of Corporate Communications in explaining why the increases are necessary at this juncture, said that for the last several years LIME has been absorbing all the increases in costs related to providing services, while at the same time investing significant sums.

"For our company to continue to invest at the current rate and also to increase investments as we plan, regrettably we now have to pass a portion of those costs. The costs include spiraling electricity and petrol costs; increased equipment costs; rising staff costs - all driven by inflation in every country in which LIME operates."

Speaking on whether LIME has taken into account the rates of competitors in the BVI, Miller asserted that Lime still provides excellent value for their customers´ money and a superior product.

Meanwhile, when questioned about concerns that LIME might try to do some re-balancing in the BVI by increasing land-line and internet rates while offering competitive cellular rates, Miller said LIME continuously reviews its product offerings and any changes to rates are made after a comprehensive analysis with a view of still providing the best offering to their customers.

According to Miller, at this point it would be premature to speak to the plan around landline rates.

"Re-balancing has not driven any of the difficult decisions we have made recently. We experience varying levels of competition on each of our product lines, but the main driving factor behind our recent announcement is the fact that our costs have increased significantly across the board," Miller stated.

LIME Says New Increased Rates Are 'Modest'

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