Friday, June 25, 2010

Europe - Spanish presidency has said its objectives on the digital agenda were achieved - now for Belgium

[Spain] The Spanish Presidency of the European Union believes its goals in telecommunications, energy, industry and the information society have been achieved, with actions such as the approval of the European Digital Agenda.

The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society, Francisco Ros, underlined this today, Thursday, before the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Investigation (ITRE), where he gave an overview of all of the actions carried out over the past six months.

Ros said the EU Council of Ministers has approved the new European Digital Agenda, an action plan that aims to create a Single Digital Market and boost European consumers' online confidence.

Moreover, the Spanish Presidency has worked hard for energy to be included as one of the goals of the EU 2020 Strategy, within the iconic initiative “A resource-efficient Europe”.

Another achievement mentioned by Ros was the official launch, during the Conference on the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) held in Madrid, of the first four industrial clean energy technology initiatives: wind energy, solar energy, smart grids and carbon capture and storage.

The Spanish Presidency has also behind the design of the European Strategy on clean, energy-efficient vehicles, including specific measures on the electric vehicle, which will be fundamental for Europe's future in terms of energy, industry and technology.

Spain has achieved its goals in telecommunications, energy and industry

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