Monday, June 07, 2010

Somalia - An Islamist group has cut telecommunications in the Galgadud region of central Somalia

[mareeg] Alhu Suna Waljama’a moderate Islamist group has cut the telecommunications of Dhusamareb, the provincial capital of Galgadud region in central Somali, witnesses said on Sunday.

The telecommunication of some districts in the region is also not working. The people in the region have expressed concern about the move.

Officials from Ahlu Sunna Waljam’a (ASWJ) described the move as a military tactic. Deadly battles ASWJ and al Shabaab took place in the region last week.

At least 40 people, most of them combatants, were killed in the fighting that occurred in Mareer Gur, Dhusamareb and other towns in the region.

ASWJ claimed that they killed in the fighting 90 fighters from al Shabaab.

The motive behind the cutting of the telecommunication is not known but sources say ASWJ is planning to attack Elbur town in the region where al Shabaab fighters launch from their attacks.

Somalia: Islamists cut telecommunication in central region

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