Wednesday, June 09, 2010

South Africa - AtPlay has launched an iPhone app to welcome visitors

[travelwires] Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay, Cape Town has launched the African Welcome Travel Diary iPhone application following the successes of the Engen African Welcome initiative. The application will afford both visitors and local South African’s the opportunity to document and interact their travel experiences.

The Engen African Welcome Travel Diary is free to download from the iTunes store and offers a myriad of documentation and interaction platforms:

* Add photo’s and entries to an interactive diary
* Share diary entries with friends on Facebook and Twitter
* See their diary entries on a map of South Africa
* Explore and listen to South African greetings as well as look up words in the South African urban dictionary
* Try genuine South African recipes
* The application also has useful travel info including; airport info and useful numbers like embassies, local tourism, transportation etc. The application can automatically add the numbers you want into your iPhone Contacts

According to Allan Kent, Head of AtPLay at Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape Town, the application was planned and developed with the international visitor in mind. Once the application is on your phone you don’t need a data connection to it – everything is stored locally. So for visitors without international data roaming on their phone they still have access to the information that they need. For those who do have a connection, they can share their entries through Facebook and Twitter.

The application was developed using the Apple iPhone SDK version 3.1.3 and has been developed for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G’s models with firmware v3.1 or higher.
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Incorporated into the application for a limited time is the world’s biggest unified welcome with the African Wave competition, explains Kent.

“This is a challenge calling on South African’s to get involved and form part of what will hopefully be the biggest digital welcome the world has ever seen,” he says. “There are great prizes to be won.”

iPhone application users have two steps to follow to enter by using the application to upload their African Welcome.

Kent says that the Engen African Welcome initiative was developed to welcome the world with open arms to the big event that we, as a country, are so very proud to be hosting this year and for people tp document and interact their travel experiences.

Saatchi & Saatchi unveils iPhone application for soccer fans

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