Thursday, June 17, 2010

Canada - Parliament calls for a digital plan and a designated minister

[teleclick] Canada’s federal government should appoint a cabinet minister dedicated to ‘digital policy,’ and ensure that broadband internet access is extended throughout the country, according to a new report by the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications.

“Basic and essential digital services,” including broadband internet, should be available to all Canadians, including those in remote and rural areas, according to the ‘Plan for a Digital Canada,’ released by the committee today. But the public sector should focus its efforts on geographical breadth, rather than raw speed, Senators concluded.

“The government should not focus on super-fast broadband speeds or on certain advanced technologies (such as fibre optics). To do so is expensive, can overlap private-sector investment, and can widen digital divides,” the report states. “Instead, the government should determine the broadband speed required to access basic digital services (health, education or other online services, whether provided by the public or private sector), and focus government policy on bringing this broadband speed to all Canadians.”

Senate Committee Advocates Extension of Broadband Internet Access

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