Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Europe - UK Independence Party condemns the ECJ judgement on the roaming regulation as being for fat cats

[ukip] Following an EU decision to cut mobile phone charges abroad, UKIP has warned it will lead to higher tariffs at home.

"They will tell you that the cost of your phone bill will go down. And it will, if you are a businessman or a Eurocrat travelling across national borders continually," said North West MEP Paul Nuttall.

"But for most people the rise in prices in normal tariffs to compensate companies for this interference will far outweigh the two weeks of holidays when calls will be cheaper."

"This action by the EU and decision by the court will increase costs for the majority, to cut costs for the minority especially EU fat cats. So, I ask, why should a pensioner in Manchester or Liverpool be forced to have higher mobile phone bills so the relatively wealthy can have lower bills?"

Mr Nuttall issued his warning after the European Court of Justice rejected a claim by four mobile phone companies that the European Commission had exceeded its powers by imposing a uniform maximum ‘roaming’ charge across Europe. The Commission welcomed the finding and announced it was cutting the permitted maximum roaming charges even further.

The new maximum tariffs will apply from July 1, 2010, with the maximum permitted charge for making a mobile call while abroad falling to 32p a minute and the rate for receiving calls to 12.5p a minute.

EC meddling will increase mobile charges

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