Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazon - Launch of the "Kindle Cloud Reader" for Apple products to bypass its hefty retail margin

[bbc] Amazon has launched a browser-based version of its Kindle eBook application called the Kindle Cloud Reader.

The software is optimised for iPad tablets, but directs customers to Amazon's own eBook store instead of using Apple's purchasing system.

This avoids the 30 percent charge on in-app purchases levied by Apple.

The launch follows recent changes to Apple's terms that forced Amazon and others to remove direct purchasing links in their native iPad programs.

Kindle Cloud Reader can run on PCs, Macs and mobile devices using the Apple Safari or Google Chrome web browser.

The application is not regarded as a 'native' program because it runs in a web page, and therefore isn't subject to Apple restrictions.

However, using the latest HTML5 web technology, Cloud Reader looks like a native app - and even saves books onto the user's device for reading offline.

A button on the web page takes users to Amazon's Kindle Store where they can purchase new items.

Amazon dodges iPad rules with a web-based Kindle reader

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