Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mobile - AT&T has increased voicemail security in the light of #hackgate requiring a PIN when logging in from your own phone

[boston globe] AT&T Inc. is changing the default method by which cellular customers check their voice mail, after reports that the company’s policies made messages more vulnerable to hackers than on other cellphone carriers.

The giant telecommunications company said yesterday it will start requiring users to enter a password to access their voice mails from their own cellphones. Until now, AT&T users calling from their own phones would immediately get access to their voice mails without entering a password.

“We wish that we did not have to make this change,’’ wrote AT&T’s chief privacy officer Bob Quinn in a posting on the company’s public policy blog. But Quinn said that easily available Internet technology makes it easy for criminals to gain access to unprotected cellular voice mailboxes.

AT&T increases voice mail security
Password meant to deter hackers

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