Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Android - Adult App Mart can be used for in-app payments for "adult" uncensored purchases or time-limited leases of content

[prweb] The newly launched Android app marketplace, Adult App Mart, is increasing the earning potential for app developers by improving and facilitating the way end users buy their products with in-app billing capabilities.

For Adult App Mart’s customers, the main function of in-app billing is to provide support for purchases -- giving Android users the option to buy content immediately and effortlessly, without having to exit the app.

For app developers, incorporating this payment feature into their creation serves the end user with convenience, which in turn, encourages return customers. Through a simple import, developers will find the integration of in-app billing into their Android projects effortless, needing only a unique token to identify particular features within their app along with a price in Adult App Mart credits.

Additionally, the in-app purchase function also supports rental purchases that specifies and tracks how many hours an in-app item will be owned once it is purchased. When the time expires, the in-app item will be available again for purchase. This feature alleviates the developer and user from having to track the elapsed time since the purchase. The remaining time is retrieved via the in-app billing library using the purchase check feature.

Adult App Mart account holders are provided with easy login and logout methods. Users that are already taking advantage of Adult App Mart’s wide-ranging, uncensored offerings have the benefit of having their existing login credentials automatically loaded into the billing platform for speedy, safe app purchases. Newcomers, however, also can take advantage of the ease of use offered by in-app billing to create an Adult App Mart account directly from its library.

Frequent Android app consumers are embracing Adult App Mart’s in-app billing capability because of the security it offers. End users no longer have to leave the developer’s app in order to add credits into his or her account.

With accessibility in mind, Adult App Mart’s in-app billing encourages freedom in mobile content consumption. Adult App Mart continues to grow with uncensored apps, including videos, dating and games, catering to various niches.

Adult App Mart In-App Billing Simplifies Purchases: Delivers Maximum Earning Potential for Developers and Ease of Use for Consumers

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