Sunday, August 07, 2011

UK - Scotland has a markedly lower proportion of broadband lines than the rest of the UK

[bbc] Scots are still the least likely in the UK to have a broadband internet connection, according to a report from the communications regulator Ofcom.

Just 61% of Scots have broadband, compared with 74% of people across the whole of the UK.

Broadband connection is particularly low in Greater Glasgow, where the figure is just 50%.

One reason why take-up is so low may be that a relatively high proportion of Scots never use the internet.

Ofcom's Scottish director Vicki Nash warned that with so many public services now available online, Scots were at risk of being left behind.

About 30% of adults in Scotland say they do not use the internet in any location, compared with 20% across the UK as a whole.

Just under two-thirds of Scots have a computer in their home but across the UK the figure is 77%.

Take-up of broadband was particularly low amongst those aged between 16 and 34, people aged 55 and people on a low income or lower down the social scale.

Broadband use 'lower in Scotland', according to OFCOM

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