Tuesday, August 02, 2011

UK - Alpha Mobile has launched a pre-paid SIM card with unlimited local and international calls for STG 30/month

[totaltele.com] Alpha Mobile's prepaid SIM service offers unlimited local, international calls for £30 per month.

Alpha Telecom on Monday launched a new prepay MVNO that offers unlimited U.K. and international calls to both fixed-lines and mobile phones for £30 per month.

"£30 buys 30 days of unlimited calls – subject to a fair use policy – to landlines in more than 75 countries, [and] mobiles in selected locations, including Australia, Hong Kong, India and the USA," a spokesman for Alpha Mobile told Total Telecom in an email on Monday.

Alpha Mobile's SIM card can be used as a standard prepay SIM that charges 5p for local calls, and 10p for U.K. mobile calls when topped up with any value below £30, according to the company's Website. However, "once you top this amount up [to £30], you then receive your free international and U.K. calls," the spokesman explained.

Alpha Mobile said it aims to offer its new prepaid SIM in over 90,000 retail outlets by the end of 2011, including "Costcutter, Londis, Booker, Spar, Martin McColl and any stores with the PayPoint and PrePay logos," the spokesman added.

The MVNO is another company that uses Vodafone's infrastructure, joining other MVNOs such as Tru, Just Mobile, and Gamma Telecom.

However, Alpha Mobile has not ruled out buying spectrum and deploying its own network.

"Alpha Telecom is always building its infrastructure and investing in innovative technology to stay in line with the market," said Zafar Mirza, CEO of Alpha Mobile, in an email to Total Telecom.

The launch of Alpha Mobile comes at a time when the cost of calling abroad from a mobile is under the spotlight, particularly in Europe.

New regulations proposed in July by European Commissioner Neelie Kroes aim to enable subscribers to sign up to a dedicated roaming provider that would allow them to cut the cost of using their handset while abroad without having to change their phone number or swap their SIM card.

Alpha Telecom launches UK MVNO

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