Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mobile - Analysis of means to increase innovation in mobile in Africa and the Middle East

[prnewswire] As success stories continue to emerge from mobile innovation (mInnovation) experiences in Africa and the Middle East (AME), interested stakeholders must devise ways to leverage their resources and position themselves as mInnovation industry leaders, according to a new report from Pyramid Research.

Three Steps to Accelerate Mobile Innovation in Africa and the Middle East explains the basic components of mInnovation and discusses why AME is fertile ground for mInnovation to take root. The report identifies the three enabling conditions in the mInnovation arena, along with the roles these conditions play in the mInnovation ecosystem, and highlights the benefits of mInnovation for interested stakeholders.

The report concludes with four case studies from the region that present mobile innovators, the new ideas they have created involving the use of the mobile phone and the funding sources that supported the development of mInnovation.

Mobile innovation may be a recent phenomenon in AME, but the field is quickly becoming sophisticated. Pyramid Research predicts that as the sector matures, the marketplace will become increasingly competitive, which will spur further mInnovation developments. "Pyramid believes that three important ingredients to ensure mInnovation success are: a place to exchange knowledge, the talent of human resources and investments to facilitate the transformation of mInnovation ideas into business realities," indicates Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor at Pyramid. "Pyramid Research projects that these conditions will come together in AME to enable the generation and implementation of new mobile-based services, businesses and content that can have a significant impact on the way (and the amount) that mobile network services are consumed," he adds.

Three Steps to Accelerate Mobile Innovation in Africa and the Middle East, Pyramid finds

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