Saturday, June 05, 2010

Augmented reality - AR-based marketing will rely on functionality of mobile devices to allow use of mobile social networking

[marketwire] The advancing wave of augmented reality marketing tactics is heavily reliant upon the functionality of mobile devices in allowing users to engage in social networking activity according to Sony Ericsson.

The advent of location based social networks such as Gowalla and Foursquare have allowed marketers to pursue ambitions of targeting consumers in a much more direct way than was previously possible, primarily through mobile devices, such as smartphones. The technology available to support these developments has evolved almost in parallel, allowing networks to develop apps to support their ongoing usage and growth.

Sony Ericsson has indicated that it is the ongoing development and pickup of devices that facilitate mobile social networking advancements, providing the networks with the platforms and technological capabilities with which they can successfully conduct location based marketing activity.

A spokesperson for Sony Ericsson said: "The increase in use of social media via mobile presents a very real opportunity for brand marketers. However, the extent to which they can capitalise on this opportunity is down to the ability of the handsets being used - in terms of location and augmented reality."

Mobile Social Media Functionality Integral to Augmented Reality Marketing

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