Wednesday, June 02, 2010

India - Govt will Chinese equipment imports with a bank guarantee apparently resolving security concerns

[reuters] Top officials from the prime minister's office, the home (interior) ministry, the telecommunications ministry and intelligence bureau took the decision, the newspaper said.

Industry officials have earlier said the Indian government has been blocking imports of equipment made by Chinese firms such as ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies due to security concerns.

The newspaper cited an unnamed official as saying the government would also allow self-certification of imported telecom equipment by mobile operators against a bank guarantee given to the communications ministry.

The stop-gap solution would be in place for the next 12 months and would ensure that Indian telcos do not face project delays even as India sets up an equipment testing laboratory, it said.

Canada's Electronic Warfare Associates, U.S.-based Infoguard and Israel's ALTAL Security Consulting are among the international security audit agencies whose certification would be needed, the paper said.

India to allow Chinese gear after checks - report

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