Tuesday, June 01, 2010

M-football - Following the FIFA 2010 World Cup on your mobile phone

[NY Times] Technology is set to meet soccer at a smartphone intersection when the World Cup begins June 11. This is a leap forward in technology with a clutch of iPhone apps that will enable fans to track games, watch highlights and glean information on players and teams.

Apple’s United States App Store offers a collection of World Cup and soccer-related programs. Nearly all of the apps (some of which also run on the iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Palm, Android and other devices) provide team-by-team analysis, match schedules, background on the stadiums being used for the tournament and a promise to provide real-time scoring updates once the tournament begins.

All of the apps have something appealing and useful, though none have everything in one tidy package. The offerings from ESPN and Fox probably came the closest, which is not surprising because they have the most resources and have made the biggest commitments to showcasing the game in the United States.

World’s Biggest Games Brought to Tiny Screens

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