Friday, June 04, 2010

UK - EC has accepted "virtual" unbulding of of optical fibres, but argued for full fibre unbundling

[ec] The European Commission has decided to accept, in view of the specific circumstances of the case, the proposal of UK telecoms regulator Ofcom to oblige telecoms operator BT to provide 'virtual' access to its optical fibre infrastructure to alternative operators. Ofcom’s proposal will allow product differentiation and innovation similar to that possible through physical local loop unbundling. Ofcom’s plans will maintain competition on UK broadband markets following the roll-out of next generation access (NGA) networks by allowing alternative operators to offer competitive broadband services on these networks. However, the Commission underlined that this should only be a transitional measure and that full fibre unbundling should be imposed as soon as technically and economically possible.

Telecoms: Commission accepts UK regulator proposal to mandate virtual unbundling of BT's fibre networks but requests full unbundling as soon as possible

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