Monday, May 25, 2009

Afghanistan: Govt has announced a project for 3G Internet services within 3 months

[AsiaPulse] Communications and Information Technology (CIT) Minister Eng. Amirzai Sangin on Saturday announced that a project providing 3G internet services for mobile technology networking would be complete in the next three months.

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Addressing a three-day workshop for the provincial CIT officials here on Saturday, Sangin said the project would bring down internet tariffs and prices.

The price of one gigabyte of internet would decrease from $4000 to about $US400 as a result of the project and all private companies would be provided operating permits.

The project, initiated by Noori Fiber Tech two years ago, with a total cost of $70 million, would be completed during the next three months, which would improve the quality of internet services, despite a decrease in its price all over Afghanistan.

The internet would be provided to Afghanis through a digital phone cable which could connect Afghanistan to the world, he said.

The third generation system would be activated in Afghanistan, which neighboring counties do not have as yet.

"In order to well compete with the neighboring countries in communication sector, it is important have the 3G (third generation system) in Afghanistan," the minister said.

"Over one and a half billion in investment is currently being carried out in the communications sector," he claimed.

Sangin hoped the investment in the communications sector would double in the next five years.

Five private mobile phone companies, including MTN, Roshan, Afghan Bisim, Etisalat and Afghan Telecom currently operate using Global Service for Mobile communications (GSM).

According to the ministry of information technology, over 10 million out of the 24.5 million population of Afghanistan use mobile telephone technology and around 600,000 residents of the country have access to the internet.


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