Monday, May 25, 2009

Nigeria: fake web site for Globacom is a vehicle for identity theft

[this day] Few months after Globacom detected a fake website developed by fraudsters and alerted subscribers, another fake website had been developed by fraudsters who are out to rip people of their hard earned money.

The website,, is being used by the fraudsters, in an attempt to lure unsuspecting subscribers and trick them to part with information on their bank accounts.

Already, many subscribers have been receiving text messages to inform them that they have won N1 million and a brand new car in the Glo promo. They are then referred to the website to verify their prize.

The snag, however, is that anyone who enters his numbers on the website is automatically routed to the next page where a congratulatory message is displayed.

"Congrats!... You're lucky winner of N1,000,000 and a brand new Kia Rio in the Glo Double Awurf (sic) Pomo. Please enter the required information below to claim your winning:"

After the personal data page, the subscriber is then taken to another page where banking information is requested on the pretext that it "will be used in transferring Your Winning fund."

The fourth page is where the account details, including Account Name, Account Number, Type, Bank, ATM Card Number, ATM Pin Number are requested. All the 25 banks in the country are listed on the page.

If a wrong account detail is entered, the system automatically detects and returns an error message, prompting the subscriber to check and correct the alleged error.

Globacom, in a statement, expressed worries over the growing sophistication of the fraudsters and the uncommon boldness in attempting to perpetrate crime across the platforms of the telecommunications company and the 25 banks.

Glo Alerts On New Fake Promo Website

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