Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mobile: Convergence of SIM & device technologies provides opportunities for operators to increase subscriber satisfaction, reduce operating costs

[Marketwire] As service providers begin to build out next-generation networks, the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card lies at the heart of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other sophisticated deployments. Because smart phones and other wireless devices operating on 4G and other systems will require SIMs, wireless operators, many who previously didn't deploy handsets which supported such cards, have been blessed with a tremendous opportunity.

As mobile devices and the networks that support them become more complex and diverse, it is increasingly important for operators to accurately manage and control device settings. SmartTrust, a developer of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and SIM management software for mobile operators, has helped its customers succeed through the ability to see the points of convergence between the SIM and MDM. This insight and SmartTrust's decades of experience in the wireless industry have resulted in the development of solutions that have a real and measurable impact on subscriber satisfaction while reducing costs for operators.

More than 200 wireless operators including AT&T, Claro, Telenor, T-Mobile and Vodafone have looked to SmartTrust for comprehensive SIM and MDM solutions which have helped to improve the total subscriber experience and allow those operators to run their business in a more profitable way.

"SmartTrust is convinced the SIM holds the key to realizing significant new revenue opportunities for service providers," said Jeff Bork, CEO, SmartTrust. "With the resurgence of the SIM through next-generation offerings, our research and development efforts remain focused more than ever on enabling wireless operators to take advantage of the sizable investment in 4G infrastructure while reducing customer care costs."

The power of a common and SIM independent platform for managing next-generation handsets while continuously maintaining a high level of reliability and performance of an evolving network remain keys to any wireless operator's future success. While subscribers select a mobile phone based on appearance, the image they want to present and the handset's capabilities, the device itself has no identity. It is the SIM that serves the critical purpose of providing operators with a means to identify the wireless device.

The power of an Over-the-Air (OTA) SIM management software solution, however, ensures that smart phones and virtually all other devices operating on a wireless network will be recognized, correctly configured and automatically optimized to the full extent of each device's specific potential and capability.

SmartAct™ Over-the-Air SIM management software makes this possible. SmartAct, now available on the SmartTrust DP8 OTA platform, offers a holistic SIM management solution capable of handling multiple card types independent of card vendor.

Wireless operators seeking to execute operator commands sent to over-the-air to the SIM, as well as build and remotely maintain a portfolio of SIM-resident services designed around SIM Toolkit (STK), are also turning to SmartTrust. SmartTrust WIB, a smart card-based application environment, has become the cornerstone of dynamic STK services including mobile banking, entertainment and subscriber self-care. More than one billion SIM cards containing SmartTrust WIB have been manufactured and distributed.

As service providers continue to examine ways to differentiate their offerings and furnish subscribers with exciting value-added solutions, Near Field Communication (NFC) has emerged as a technology with great promise. With NFC, the mobile handset becomes the subscriber's key for authorizing payments, accessing services and getting information from their immediate environment. This close-range contactless technology, for instance, will enable handsets to be used as credit cards or facilitate the transmission of payments for access to public transportation. SIM OTA technology from leaders such as SmartTrust will allow wireless operators to manage and provision NFC functionality and associated applications in a secure manner.

"There's little doubt that building next-generation networks is an enormous undertaking from both a financial as well as technical standpoint," said Bork. "Our ability to deliver a critical component that not only improves the total subscriber experience but helps open additional sources of revenue is a unique package that we are excited to offer to wireless operators around the globe."

SmartTrust Offers Service Providers Solutions to Optimize Next-Generation Networks

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