Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Europe: mobile data market is growing at 20%, forecast to continue, while mobile voice is stagnant

[Marketwire] Recent estimates have put the European mobile data market at EUR 29billion with strong (20%+) annual growth for the next few years, in contrast to a stagnant mobile voice market. Some mobile service providers are seeing terabytes of data on their networks driving sales growth of their data services by 30%. With customers using their mobile devices to generate & carry more and more valuable data, coupled with the disruptive approach to accessing & using applications that the iphone has created, mobile application development and mobile data management has never been a hotter topic or busier space.

"We have just developed & launched our Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mobile plug-ins to complement the rest of our core synchronisation services which will further increase the different types of data our customers can wirelessly back up from their mobile devices" says Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Managing Director of Synkia. "We are seeing strong demand for the development of iphone & android applications from all sorts of customers and our mobile application testing services are of increasing interest to more and more developers who require their own work tested across the ever growing range of mobile devices and networks out there now."

Synkia is a software company focused on mobile application development, support & testing. Its core B2C & Enterprise services available at www.synkia.com allow users to wirelessly backup, protect and restore all the data on their mobile device in case of phone upgrade, theft or loss. Mobile/Web convergence solutions are developed and tested at the Development & Operations Centre in Krakow, Poland where Synkia developers provide a wide range of programming skills to develop bespoke applications. With practical experience & testing capability in over 500 mobile devices, application testing is carried out on in-house or third party applications. The company product portfolio also covers remote mobile device configuration and mobile messaging technologies. The five year old company has offices in Norway, the UK and Poland.

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