Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Australia: AAPT has launched an ADSL2+ service without a download cap, claimed to be a national "first"

[PRWEB] AAPT has today launched Australia's first ADSL2+ unlimited broadband download plans, starting at just $49.95 a month.

AAPT LiveNet Unlimited provides households with unlimited downloads on three tailored ADSL2+ plans during off-peak periods between 2am and 8am EST, seven days a week.

Designed specifically for internet-hungry families, AAPT LiveNet Unlimited allows for downloads up to 20GB, 30GB and 60GB for $49.95, $69.95 and $99.95 per month, respectively.

And even better, AAPT's existing customers can make the switch to one of the new plans without incurring exit penalties from their current contracts.

"Our unlimited off-peak broadband internet plans are great for families who don't want to worry about exceeding their monthly download limit. An unlimited amount of content rich media such as TV programs, music or purchased movies can be downloaded off-peak, leaving a generous 20-50GB to use during peak-time hours. Customers receive real value for their money and know that there's no risk of exceeding their download limits," says AAPT's Head of Corporate Communications Tahn Shannon.

"We know Australians value having certainty about their monthly telco spend and these plans ensure our customers will never be faced with 'bill shock' for excess usage fees - if they exceed their limit, we simply slow down their speed for the remainder of the billing cycle."

The introduction of unlimited off-peak downloads follows AAPT's recent moves to discontinue counting uploads in broadband caps and its earlier launch of bundled home phone, broadband and mobile packages on a single bill.

AAPT Introduces An Australian First For Families: Unlimited Broadband Downloads
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