Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mobile: Microwave as backhaul is losing ground to Ethernet to support 3G and LTE

[cdn] While microwave will remain the most common last mile link medium, Ethernet is playing an increasing role in supporting backhaul needs for cellular and WiMAX networks. Over half of cellular backhaul capacity will use Ethernet by the end of 2011, reports In-Stat. The transition to Ethernet will vary by region, depending on where mobile operators are in their transition to 3G and LTE networks.

“Backhaul is getting renewed attention as mobile operators plan for a more data intensive network,” says Daryl Schoolar, In-Stat analyst. “The old voice-based solutions can not support the growth in data traffic operators currently face.”

Cellular backhaul provides that crucial link between the mobile operator’s radio access network and its core network. Some of the key findings from In-Stat’s new research are:

90,000 Gbps of capacity in the last mile of the backhaul network will be needed by the end of 2013 to support the worlds cellular and WiMAX networks.

In Asia/Pacific, the cellular backhaul last mile backhaul capacity for LTE will be 2,500 Gbps in 2013.

Scalability is very important for operators when selecting a backhaul solution. Operators want a clear and easy path to increase backhaul capacity.

For voice over Ethernet, operators are starting to focus on IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet.

Over Half of Cellular Backhaul Capacity will be Ethernet by the End of 2011
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