Friday, May 29, 2009

Roaming: T-Mobile UK takes advantage of a weaker pound to raise it roaming charges

[zdnet] T-Mobile is to raise its per-minute charges for making voice calls while abroad in Europe from 38p to 44p, the mobile operator announced on Tuesday.

Voice-roaming charges have been steadily falling for the last two years, following price caps set by the European Commission. However, T-Mobile said it would raise its charges from 29 June because of the fall in sterling's value against the euro.

"The yearly price cap set by the EU Commission is set in euros," read an advisory note on T-Mobile's website. "Due to the current economic climate and the relative weakness of the pound (GBP) against the euro (EUR), the cost of supporting using your phone abroad has increased. We've changed the rate to reflect the increased costs we've faced over the past year and continue to face now. But we're still complying with EU regulations."

The advisory note was flagged to T-Mobile customers via text message on Tuesday, alongside other changes to T-Mobile's terms and conditions.

Large companies on the Corporate Plan or Business 1-Plan will not be affected by the rise in voice-roaming charges, although smaller, non-corporate business customers will see their charges rise.

T-Mobile to raise voice-roaming charges
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