Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australian Enterprises Demand More Control and Savings on Telecoms Expenses

[prnewswire] Australian enterprises are showing increased demand for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services, as CFOs and CIOs seek more accountability and efficiency from their telecommunications spend, according to Cable&Wireless Worldwide.

"Telecom expenses can be amongst the most opaque corporate expenses today. In a time of increasing cost pressures, corporations in Australia - and indeed globally - are looking for more control, visibility and predictability of their communication expenses to help plan and forecast operating expenses. We anticipate this trend will continue into 2010, as corporations plan for growth after the most significant recession of our time. Corporations are not just looking for the usual 'cut costs' approach, instead, they're looking to implement a long-term fix for the perennial corporate challenge of managing telecom charges," said Nick Lambert, Managing Director - Global Markets, Cable&Wireless Worldwide.

Cable&Wireless offers Australian organisations a fully managed TEM service including detailed baseline analysis of the telecom assets of the enterprise, live dashboard tracking and reporting of telecom spends with multiple vendors, accurate billing for cost efficiency as well as the charting of a future roadmap for managing telecom assets more cost effectively and with greater control.

In addition to driving greater cost efficiencies and transparency within existing operations, Australian companies are increasingly investing outside their home market and setting up manufacturing, sales, and service organisations around the world; a recent Cable&Wireless Worldwide survey showed that more than 68% of key decision makers in MNCs are looking beyond their home market, to newer and less saturated global markets, for growth. Similarly, Australia is growing in importance as a market for other Asian and western multinational companies (MNCs).

The survey of executives from more than 300 MNCs was conducted in 2009 by Cable&Wireless, and asked Executives about their plans to sustain growth in the current economic climate. The survey also found that intra-Asia Pacific trade and commerce is set for a boost with more than 60% of all executives citing that they will look at Asia Pacific markets (outside their domestic market) for continued business expansion.

Cable&Wireless has made strategic investments to expand its world-class network infrastructure, build on its partnerships as well as grow its portfolio of telecommunications solutions for customers in Australia. Cable&Wireless leverages its strategic partnerships with Tier-1 Carriers; Telstra and Optus to offer its customers from Asia, Europe and the United States access to domestic telecommunication infrastructure within Australia.

The company recently extended its Ethernet over Synchronous Digital Hierarchy coverage to Australia; has enhanced its network Points-of-Presence (PoP) in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and increased the number of sales and service delivery professionals based across Australia. Cable&Wireless also offers a suite of value-added telecommunications services such as Managed IP- Voice and Video Conferencing solutions which help optimise investments organisations have already made in traditional enterprise voice and video solutions, and offers them a clear roadmap towards a unified communications environment that aligns with their investment appetite and strategy timelines.

Cable&Wireless currently provides Australian company, Infoplex, with Asia Pacific-wide Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network connectivity and value-added telecommunications services. Cable&Wireless also works with Crosspoint - an Australian IT services organisation - to deliver innovative IP communications solutions tailored to meet the needs of large organisations.

Australian Enterprises Demand More Control and Savings on Telecoms Expenses, According to Cable&Wireless Worldwide

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