Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avoid The Top Five Telecom Expense Management Pitfalls

[prweb] Telesoft, trusted experts in fixed and mobile telecom expense management (TEM) software and services, today published a new white paper entitled “Avoid the Top Five Telecom Expense Management Pitfalls.” The white paper details specific mistakes enterprises can avoid in order to optimize their telecom spending for a positive impact on the bottom line. The paper is the first in a series Telesoft will publish to provide useful information for enterprises with significant telecom budgets that can benefit the most from telecom expense management (TEM) solutions.

For more than 25 years, Telesoft has driven the TEM market, optimizing every aspect of an organization’s telecom spend, usage, and assets. In addition to the five pitfalls corporations should avoid, the paper provides an overview of what is involved in automating telecom expense management for increased control over spending. The top five pitfalls the paper explains include:

* Inaccurate telecom inventory
* Disconnected telecom data and functional groups
* Labor intensive telecom invoice processing
* Manual telecom invoice validation
* Out-of-control wireless spend

“Telesoft published the top five TEM pitfalls white paper to provide valuable information to enterprises struggling to control telecom expenses,” said Thierry Zerbib, chief executive officer and co-founder. “Continually changing inventory, complex billing for a wide range of offerings, and baffling contracts with hard to understand amendments makes telecom expense management a major challenge for the enterprise. Our intention is to help companies alleviate this headache.”

Avoid The Top Five Telecom Expense Management Pitfalls
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