Saturday, January 09, 2010

Renesys - top 13 global ISPs reviewed

Renesys collects a lot of Internet routing data, using it to create reports and products based on hard facts and objective analysis. Perhaps the only controversial thing we do with our data is to rank all the service providers in the world: globally, by geography, and by market segment. The rankings are a rather crude measure of size, as they are based entirely on the quantity of IP space ultimately transited by each provider. However, it's the ranking trends that are more revealing than any absolute number. Who is adding customers? Who is losing them or just standing still? Changes in IP transit answer these questions and more. Although there are obvious shortcomings in this approach, it is certainly objective and the process is fully automated. All of our rankings are updated daily and available via our Market Intelligence offering.

A Baker's Dozen in 2009

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