Friday, January 15, 2010

Europe - Kroes stilted but tough at parliamentary hearing

[euractiv] "We will call member states to order if they don't respect a liberal and competitive market" was one of many tough messages Neelie Kroes, EU commissioner-designate for the 'Digital Agenda' portfolio, delivered to MEPs at her European Parliament hearing yesterday (14 January).

The hearing, which allows MEPs to decide whether they will vote for the new Commission line up, showed that the former competition commissioner, who extracted multibillion fines from Microsoft, would likely be just as tough in her new assignment.

However, the commissioner-designate often struggled to find the right words to say exactly how she would carry out the EU's Digital Agenda.

On several issues, Kroes showed that markets were her first priority, and clamping down on anti-competitive behaviour her second.

Kroes stilted but tough at parliamentary hearing

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