Monday, January 11, 2010

Enterprise mobility - Study Shows That Top Performers Serve More Than Twice the Employee Population at Less Than 1/3 the Total Cost per Employee

[Marketwire] Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company today released its latest research report on enterprise mobility: "Enterprise Mobile Strategies 2010: More Mobility, Same Budget."

Of the more than 200 organizations that participated in the study, over 70% currently support more than one mobile platform -- further substantiation that a mixed-device environment is now part of the enterprise mobile landscape.

"Now that many potential combinations of hardware, firmware, and software are entering the enterprise, organizations must implement a comprehensive management strategy that acknowledges the realities of today's mixed mobile platform environment," said Andrew Borg, senior research analyst for wireless & mobility, Aberdeen.

Four major themes emerged from this research study:

-- The rapid expansion of new mobile platforms entering the workplace
-- The adoption of employee-owned mobile devices used for work purposes
-- The rise of mobility management to increase operational efficiency and drive down support costs
-- The emergence of new models of development and deployment for enterprise mobile software, including the use of consumer apps for business, as well as enterprise "app stores."

"As organizations enter 2010, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide mobile devices to employees and expect concrete business value to somehow magically appear," comments Borg. "Mobility has evolved from its role as a general productivity tool to a core driver of operational efficiency and streamlined business processes."

Enterprise Mobility Strategies 2010 -- More Productivity, Same Budget

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