Thursday, January 28, 2010

VoIP - HTML5 Frees Google Voice from Phone App Stores

[newsfactor] HTML5 offers developers freedom from smartphone app stores, as Google has shown with Google Voice for Palm's webOS and Apple's iPhone OS 3 and up. HTML5 lets Google Voice store tools right in the browser, so users can interact even without a network connection. Google is also challenging AT&T to back up its FCC promise.

Google said Tuesday that it's harnessing HTML5 to deliver Google Voice to Palm webOS and iPhone OS 3.0 and higher smartphones. As the next major revision to the web's core hypertext markup language, HTML5 introduces a number of new elements and attributes that let developers Relevant Products/Services construct powerful new services with the look and feel of stand-alone mobile apps.

Google, which released an HTML5-based version of its Chrome browser Monday, noted that handset load times and network Relevant Products/Services requests are significantly reduced for web services based on the new hypertext language. "Overall, this results in a much faster and smoother user experience," a spokesperson said.

HTML5 Frees Google Voice from Phone App Stores

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