Friday, May 21, 2010

Australia - Wi-Fi now available on the ferry from Manly to Circular Quay

[it wire] Many commuters around the world appreciate internet access on public transport. Now those who catch the Fast Ferry between Sydney's Circular Quay and Manly can go online as they cross the harbour.

Last August saw the start of a trial of free Wi-Fi for Adelaide bus passengers. There, connectivity was an ancillary to a real-time passenger information system that displays the estimated time of arrival at the next stop, ABC news feeds, community information, and location-based advertising.

Similarly, the CafeScreen system used on the Manly Fast Ferry and at more than 100 cafes in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane central business districts displays ads and other commercial messages on large screens to support the free Wi-Fi hotspots.

"We're not just about ferries," said Will Ford, operations director at Manly Fast Ferry. "We're about convenience, value and innovation."

To that end, the company offers tea and coffee in the mornings, and beer in the afternoon. Free Wi-Fi rounds out the 'cafe on the water' experience, and helps connected commuters eke out their wireless broadband allowances.

"The daily commute to and from work is a very natural time for consumers to expect free Wi-Fi services," said CafeScreen CEO Ruwan Weerasooriya.

Free Wi-Fi on Manly Fast Ferry

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