Saturday, May 22, 2010

Enterprise mobility - Survey results on mobile device management

[prnewswire] InformationWeek Analytics today announced the release of the Mobile Device Management & Security Research, including an exclusive guide to 14 mobile device management and security systems. InformationWeek Analytics is the leading resource for peer-driven research, providing business technology professionals with the real-world analysis and perspective they need to run better, smarter IT organizations. The report analysts include Grant Moerschel, Co-Founder and Richard Dreger, President of WaveGard, a vendor-neutral technology consulting firm.

Research Summary: When it comes to setting policies for end users' smartphones and other portable gear, IT groups have largely gotten away with being on cruise control. According to 300 business technology professionals responding to our InformationWeek Analytics Mobile Device Management & Security Survey, security is the primary reason companies deploy, or plan to deploy mobile device management. In this report, we examine platform trends, applications and their importance, risks unique to mobile platforms, and lay out a roadmap to security.


* Four out of five business technology professionals say smartphones will become more predominant in their environments.
* 46% of respondents report smartphones will significantly increase in importance in relation to productivity.
* Companies continue to roll out productivity applications, with more than a third pushing productivity apps out to mobile devices, compared to just 27% in our last survey.
* More than half of business technology professionals report having written policies and procedures for the treatment of mobile data, and an additional quarter have either policies or procedures; the remaining 25% don't address the issue.

"Security will continue to drive the need for mobile device management tools," says Lorna Garey, Content Director of InformationWeek Analytics. "Mobile devices provide increased productivity to companies and employees, however they present a clear risk to business technology executives and therefore is a top of mind issue."

According to John Havener, CIO of IT consultancy BizTech of Arizona, "Mobile devices are changing the fastest of the technologies impacting the corporation, forcing IT leaders, in conjunction with corporate peers, to create an agile, responsive environment to empower users to benefit from those advancing capabilities. While it only consumes 20% of my day, it occupies 75% of my thought processes."

InformationWeek Analytics New Research Shows 73% of IT Professionals Say Security is the Primary Reason for Deploying Mobile Device Management

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