Sunday, May 30, 2010

LTE - Alcatel-Lucent has a key position as a provider of network equipment and solutions

[telecoms insight] Since its establishment in late 2006, French-American telecommunications equipment maker, Alcatel-Lucent has carved out a key position for itself as a provider of telecoms network equipment and solutions to operators in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Major regional operator partners include Russia's MTS, Poland's TPSA and Estonia's Elion Enterprises. A central area of focus has been the provision of fixed IP and 2G/3G mobile networks, as well as network management solutions. Alcatel-Lucent has also deployed several WiMAX networks for regional operators, including Vodafone in Albania, WiMAX Telecom in Croatia and VTEL in Georgia. Meanwhile, the vendor has been exploring the potential offered by LTE super high-speed wireless networks. Despite having suffered from a fall in operator spending in 2009, the CEE region offers Alcatel-Lucent considerable growth potential going forward. Although the region still accounts for a relatively small share of the vendor's total business, there is significant potential for its relative importance to increase.

Laying Foundations For Europe LTE Growth - Alcatel-Lucent Profile - Q3 2010

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