Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sierra Leone - Africell has a mobile unit to register SIM cards across the country

[concord times] Sierra Leone's leading GSM operator, Africell mobile company has unveiled its mobile registration unit to register sim cards of subscribers across the country.

Africell's administrative and human resource director, Abdul Aziz Gabisi told journalists that the mobile registration unit would fast track sim card registration, adding, "We will take sim card registration to the door step of our subscribers."

"The mobile registration unit is comprised of full packaged vehicles with logistics for the process. Sim registration is a huge project that needs wider publicity and sensitization of the public," he said.

He said the media involvement in the whole exercise was very much crucial, adding that NATCOM, journalists and Africell must join forces to ensure the campaign is successful.

Gabisi noted that there has been challenges in the discharge of sim registration, citing the apprehensive attitude of the public to give out their personal data at the initially stage.

"We have maintained a database of all sim card registered. It has information such as sim card serial number, phone number and the name and address of the subscriber," he noted.

The NATCOM commissioner commended Africell for adhering to the rules of the game and more importantly, respecting the laws of the state.

He however urged other GSM operators to copy the good example of Africell so that the commission would continue to protect both the customer and the operator in accordance with their mandate.

Sierra Leone: Africell Unveils Mobile Registration Unit

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