Friday, May 21, 2010

How Mobile Broadband Wins Against Quad Play

[strategy analytics] Can Mobile Operators compete effectively with large Fixed Service Providers offering Quad Play? To answer this Strategy Analytics created competitive product/service bundle scenarios using the Tariff Response Model (TRM) that is based on statistical estimates of `Virtual Shopping' choices made by over 3,500 survey respondents in six countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and US).

They created TRM Scenarios for the Mobile Broadband markets in France, Germany, Italy UK and US and specifically analyzed possible service combinations for Mobile Broadband operators to compete against Fixed Operators in those countries.

One competitive option analyzed in detail is a new version of `Triple Play' - Mobile Broadband plus Home Internet Broadband and Home Phone which we call `Mobile Broadband Triple Play' (MBTP) - a combination that 4G networks will soon be able to deliver.

In Part 1 of the Report Strategy Analytics summarize the combinations of services that are purchased with Mobile Broadband services today and the prices users currently pay. This allows us to determine what they may be willing to pay for new services in their TRM Scenarios for each of the six countries.

Strategy Analytics found that in several countries between one quarter and one third of users would consider purchasing the MBTP bundle of Mobile, Internet Broadband and Home Phone services in preference to a full Quad Play solution with TV at a slightly higher price.

In Part 2 Strategy Analytics uses the Scenario results to project how Mobile Broadband Triple Play (MBTP) and Quad Play are likely to succeed in different countries.

In a separate analysis, they will look at the implications for competing operators in each country, under local market conditions. In this analysis Strategy Analytics will be publishing competitor brand share projections for each of the six countries.

How Mobile Broadband Wins Against Quad Play
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