Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mobile - App store market is fragmented, with opportunities to link them together

[prnewswire] The astonishing growth of the Apple App Store has prompted a great pace of innovation in the mobile content industry. New applications stores have been launched throughout last year and a vast number of innovative applications is now available on various devices and for different platforms. However, this fragmented scenario raises some concerns in terms of long term sustainability. Some initiatives are already in place to create a more harmonized content development and delivery environment. The Web with its universal and borderless platform could also be an alternative and open approach for the mobile content industry.

"The phenomenon of the application stores is the event of the last year in the mobile industry. However, the race to having stores has created an archipelago of islands disconnected one to the other. This has driven the industry to look for more open model of content delivery and the Web is a natural candidate," says Saverio Romeo, Senior Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan ICT practice.

Highlights of the briefing include an analysis of the status quo of the application stores looking at the performance and future challenges. The second part of the presentation explores the evolution of the mobile web. The briefing will be concluded by a discussing the role of the stores and the web in the future mobile content industry.

Frost & Sullivan: Mobile Content Industry -- The Success of the Stores and the Rise of the Mobile Web

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