Monday, May 31, 2010

Europe - EC has aksed to be notified of any activities that support the Digital Agenda

[europe] On 19 May the European Commission launched the Digital Agenda for Europe, an ambitious action plan for a digital economy. The Digital Agenda will contribute significantly to the EU's economic growth and spread the benefits of the digital era to all sections of society. The Digital Agenda for Europe proposes a number of collective actions which must start now and continue over the next decade if we are to make "every European digital" –a digitally-empowered individual, with secure online rights and privacy protection, equipped to benefit from a vibrant and integrated digital EU market-place. Making this happen will require the active involvement of national, regional and local actors from all parts of society: government and business, citizen groups in all sectors from health and education to transport and energy, thinkers and - above all - doers. If you believe that you and the organisation in which you work or cooperate have a stake in the digital future, now is the time for action. If you decide to do something, anything that supports the many important goals set out in the Digital Agenda, then we would like to ask you to register your intentions below. The European Commission office in each country will be holding at least one session on the Digital Agenda for Europe. The information you provide will allow us to better prepare the sessions and shape them according to your interests.

Digital Agenda for Europe - Survey

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