Monday, May 24, 2010

Ghana - Globacom is threatening to withdraw as a result of sabotage from rivals

[cellular news] Nigeria based Globacom (Glo Mobile) is reported to be considering ditching its attempts to launch a new mobile network in Ghana after blaming "several challenges from some interests bent on sabotaging" its network rollout. The local Daily Graphic newspaper, cited a source close to the company said that it had suffered planning delays for its towers, repeated defacement of its advertising and encroachment on its radio frequencies.

Another source close to the company said the operator's management felt that its infrastructure in the country was not getting adequate protection from the law enforcement agencies. It was particularly noticed that were Glo Mobile adverts were defaced, the advertisements for the incumbent mobile networks in the same area were usually left untouched.

"It is clear that these acts of lawlessness are being perpetrated to frustrate Glo's roll-out plans," the source maintained.

The operator was granted the country's sixth mobile license in June 2008 and has been trying to deploy its network since then. Last year the company complained that it is suffering problems in rolling out its network due to delays in securing permission from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to install its towers.

According to figures from the Mobile World subscriber tracker, the five active operators (and market share) are: MTN (57%), Tigo (25.7%), Ghana Telecom (14.4%), Kasapa Telecom (2.8%) & Westel (2.4%).

Glo Mobile May Withdraw from Ghana - Citing "Sabotage"

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