Monday, May 24, 2010

Mobile - Operators risk losing business to 3- and 4-play offers from fixed network operators

[cellular news] Mobile Operators risk losing billions in revenue unless they compete effectively with large fixed-service providers offering Triple or Quad Play. Strategy Analytics modeled the market and revenue potential for a Mobile Broadband Triple Play (MBTP) service that could compete against this threat.

The research firm concluded that operators should consider bundling Mobile Broadband plus Internet Broadband and Home Phone - a service package that 4G networks will soon be able to deliver.

TRM projected responses in six key markets - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, US - where between one-quarter and one-third of users would consider purchasing the MBTP bundle rather than a full Quad Play solution that included TV at a slightly higher price. On an annual basis the risk exposure could be over 10 billion Euros each in France, Germany and Italy and nearly 70 billion dollars in the US.

Sue Rudd, Director of TRS notes, "Mobile operators can defend themselves with new combinations of Triple Play for Mobile Services like MBTP. The Quad Play threat has become very real." Rudd added, "In March AT&T's fixed business U-verse Triple Play included a mobile voice option. Now AT&T has launched full Quad Play with integrated mobile data.

"Service providers need to understand the optimal mix of price points, features and brand positioning across a wide range of current and potential multi-play service options to develop competitive responses in their markets." added David Kerr, Vice President. "Strategy Analytics provides a tool set that allows operators to evaluate these responses for current and future value propositions."

Mobile Operators Risk Losing Billions of Euros to Triple and Quad Play

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