Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Canada - Cabinet decision to overturn CRTC decision on Globalive is a general principle

[teleclick] Canada’s federal Industry Minister, Tony Clement, commented today on last month’s decision to overturn a CRTC ruling blocking aspiring wireless operator, Globalive, from the Canadian cell phone market.

Clement says that the government’s decision was not a gift to Globalive, but follows on an earlier strategy to increase wireless competition.

“This government made a decision a couple of years ago that we wanted more competition in the wireless space, that this was important for consumers, it was important for our economy,” Clement explained. “So the momentous decision wasn’t the Globalive decision, the momentous decision was the decision we made a couple of years ago to set aside spectrum for auction to new entrants, rather than the current incumbents.”

This statement should be reassuring to Public Mobile, another new market entrant whose ownership structure is currently under review by the CRTC. It is also good news for consumers seeking a greater number of choices for their wireless voice and data needs.

Decision to Overturn CRTC Wasn’t Specific to Globalive, Says Tony Clement

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